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I'm not receiving emails from Cyber FastTrack/CyberStart

How to whitelist e-mails that Cyber FastTrack will send you to make sure you can register.
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Written by Eva
Updated on October 25, 2021

Many schools and organizations block emails from unknown senders or domains for student safety. This could prevent you from receiving registration emails, verification emails and program communications if you use an institutional email address.

Throughout this program, participants will need to receive emails from:

  • *
  • *
  • *

There are a number of sender addresses at these domains used for different functions, so domain level whitelisting is best to ensure access. Your college's IT team may be able to enable this if you submit a request.

Students are welcome to use their own email accounts, such as Gmail. However, if they reach the competition stage, they will be required to provide contact details for a member of staff at their college for verification, and filters that prevent institutional email accounts from receiving those verification request emails could impact eligibility for further rounds of the program.

* Please note additionally for technical staff reading this article that the domains in question do have SPF and DKIM configured for trust purposes.

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